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Efficienza energetica su, costi gi.

Germans accept higher electricity prices in case of a nuclear phase-out

05.08.2011 - Energia

The main part of the German citizens would put up with a temporarily increase of the energy prices, if the supply by renewable energy sources could be advanced faster. This is the conclusion of a survey by the opinion research institute Forsa on behalf of Germanwatch.


A six-point plan for the future energy supply already exists. 101 development organisations, environmental associations and companies have agreed upon it. “Brot fr die Welt”, Germanwatch, Greenpeace, Oxfam and the World Wildlife Fund call for the nuclear phase-out, the avoidance of new coal-fired power plants and the fast development of renewable energy sources. Additionally, energy efficiency should be increased, while energy consumption needs to be reduced. Europe should be a role model for climate protection.




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