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Forests worldwide in danger

12.08.2011 - Proteccion del medio ambiente

Until 2050, forests the size of an area seven times as large as Germany would be lost worldwide, if people won’t change the way they act. That is what a survey of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) predicts. The disappearance of the forests would harm climate, biodiversity and the worldwide economic growth. That is why the WWF calls for the economy and politics to rethink and act. Until 2020, the forest reduction should be stopped, monotonous, species-poor forests averted. Therefore, sustainable silviculture and less deforestation attributed to a decreasing consumption worldwide are necessary. “Forests are art of the most important natural resources of the earth: trees offer habitats for uncountable species. Forests ensure clean air, avoid abrasions, improve soil quality and filter as well as store potable water”, Philipp Göltenboth, head of department forest at WWF Germany specifies the essential qualities of the forests. “They provide not only the livelihood for people and nature, but also for many companies.” That’s why the fast evanescence of the forests would also endanger the economy.

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