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Efficienza energetica su, costi gių.

Taxes on nuclear fuel will be limited to a specific period

06.10.2010 - Energia, Proteccion del medio ambiente

Instead of the originally targeted 3.2 billion Euros, the energy suppliers should summon up 2.3 billion Euros each year for the federal budget until 2016. This amount is to be understood as gross total. Thus, the operators of nuclear power plants can deduct it as running costs. Hence, the factual income of the federal state will be less.

Simultaneously, the suppliers should provide 1.4 billion Euros to support the improvement of renewable energies. Starting in 2017, a tax of nine Euros per megawatt hour out of nuclear power is planned. From 2013 onwards, it is scheduled that the complete earnings from the governmental sales of CO2-pollution rights are to be invested in climate protection and renewable energies.

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