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Sustainability determines success

13.10.2010 - Proteccion del medio ambiente, Energia

Today, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a trendy word and buzzword. It includes – in addition to the responsibility for a company’s own employees – the responsibility for the environment. Hence, companies are concerned about sustainability – not necessarily on their own accord, but often because the consumers and the politics also expect it from them.

This is the result of a survey by the management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, in which 120 companies of different sizes and from all branches took part. According to it, the questioned managers believe that sustainability is important or very important for more than half of their customers. Similarly they rate the expectations of their employees. Especially for the capital market and in politics they expect increasing relevance of ecological sustainability. 59 per cent of the questioned companies stated, that the topic is promoted by the management or the managing board. However, they focus on different priorities. Especially waste reduction and recycling are considered as important factors – closely followed by energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. Less represented are the reduction of material consumption, the emission control, the reduction of water consumption, and the preservation of the biological diversity. The survey has been initiated by the initiative Pro Recyclingpapier, which tries to accomplish that more companies and administrations use recycled paper.

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