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Saving energy with lightweight design

06.07.2010 - Proteccion del medio ambiente

Evonik is now presenting its expertise in lightweight design applications in a lightweight design studio in Darmstadt. Lightweight design components are important elements to face the challenges of energy and resource efficiency and to contribute to climate protection.

“The new lightweight design studio sends out a clear signal that we intend to achiev further groth in the promising market for lightweight components made from PLEXIGLAS®, ROHACELL® and VESTAMID®”, explained Gregor Hetzke, President of the Performance Polymers Business Unit of Evonik Industries. “The development of lightweight components is a core element of our innovation initiative”, Hetzke underlined. Therefore specific applications from the automotive industry, the aircraft and aerospace industry, solar technology and architecture are being presented in Darmstadt.

Little weight for cars

For example, the lightweight design studio currently features three vehicles in which components from PLEXIGLAS®, ROHACELL rigid foam and the high-performance polymer VESTAMID® reduce the weight of cars – and thus make a major contribution to cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Shortly, the studio will be completed by a lightweight solar module with highly transparent covers made from PLEXIGLAS®.

“The lightweight design studio is designed to illustrate our solutions for industry and to create an even better foundation for future projects with our partners and customers”, explains Rudolf Blass, Manager of the industry segment Automotive & Surface Design in the Acrylic Polymers Business Line.

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