Cosė se protegge il clima.

Efficienza energetica su, costi gių.

Chat, don’t fly

20.05.2010 - Proteccion del medio ambiente

Volcanic ash in the skies, and grounded flights are a nightmare for all international business travelers. Managers spend several hours a week on planes, jetting from, say, a conference in China, to a team-building workshop in the U.S. And jetlag comes with the territory. But videoconferencing now offers an excellent alternative. Sound and picture quality are improving all the time, and public videoconferencing studios can be rented all over the world. Even if, due to time zone differences, night sessions are occasionally necessary, no time is lost in traveling and jetlag recovery. This is easy on the environment as well as on employees and the company's finances. But it has to be admitted that the technique is no substitute for informal water cooler chat.

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