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Weather Extremes Worldwide

27.08.2010 - Proteccion del medio ambiente

The current accumulation of these different climate extremes is caused by the interaction of the climate worldwide, he explains. . Opposites will always compensate each other. Thus, there has to be a compensating cyclone somewhere for the extreme anticyclone in Russia. There have always been weather extremes. However, they could become routine in the future. Latif expects a notable increase of these phenomena between 2050 and 2100. Even if this would affect today’s population only partially, it will have a strong impact on the life of their children and grandchildren.

For the climate scientist it is obvious that people have to adapt their actions to the climate. “In climate issues we exhaust all possibilities”, he criticises. “We have to depart from fossil energies and turn to the renewable ones.” Germany could take a pioneering role in this process. After all, a German consumes in average ten times more CO2 than an Indian – ten tons a year. That is why energy has to become a valuable good again, says Latif.

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