C'est ça la protection du climat.

Rendement énergétique accru pour des coûts revus à la baisse.

List of weather extremes shows the potential risk for individual states

22.12.2010 - Protection de l’environnement, Santé

With its climate-risk-index, Germanwatch draws attention to the states which today are most endangered by climate change and accompanying natural disasters. The index is based on the data of an insurance agency, the number of mortality related to weather disasters per 100,000 inhabitants and the economical damage in 2009. According to this data, 500 people lost their lives in a flood in Saudi-Arabia, 570 died because of a heat wave in Australia. El Salvador, Taiwan and the Philippines are at position one to three of the index. Germany is at position 68 of more than 120 states.

Since 1990, about 650,000 people died worldwide in 14,000 extreme weather events. All in all the economic damage adds up to 1,600 billion Euros. This could be a reason to help the developing countries financially with a climate protection fund.


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