C'est ça la protection du climat.

Rendement énergétique accru pour des coûts revus à la baisse.

Incentives for Facilities for Renewable Energy

25.08.2010 - Énergie, Protection de l’environnement

Since 12th July, the Federal Office for Economy and Export Control (BAFA) resumed accepting grant applications for solar heat facilities, heat pumps and biomass heating power plants. At present, mono cogeneration plants are excluded of the incentives.
The German parliament has also decided to cut the solar power refund by three per cent compared to the original concept of the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) – retroactive to 1st August. On 1st October, another cutback of three per cent will follow. Thereby, the German federal government will adjust the refund to the lower prices for photovoltaic systems.

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