Esto se llama proteger el media ambiente.

La eficiencia energética sube, los costes bajan.

Sustainability and climate protection in Europe

16.03.2011 - Difesa dell'ambiente, Energía

An efficient use of natural resources; a stable economy, less environmental damages and greater social justice – the European Commission proclaimed these aims in line with the flagship initiative “A resource-efficient Europe” of the Europe 2020 Strategy. A resource-efficient and low-carbon development will rank first within the European Regional Development Policy.

“A resource-efficient Europe” is one of the seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 Strategy. It is meant to separate economic growth and resource consumption. Its aim is a low-carbon economy – also caused by modernised and more sustainable transport systems. Additionally, renewable energy sources should be used more heavily and energy efficiency will be supported. Therefore, all European regions need to make a contribution.

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