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Number of Natural disasters is increasing

08.03.2011 - Difesa dell'ambiente

It seems likely to associate the weather extremes in Australia with the global warming. As the sea around the continent kept warming up, a higher amount of water evaporated and rained down in torrents over Queensland. This effect has been enforced by a La Nina weather phenomenon, which often followings an El Nino. David Jones from the Australia Bureau of Meteorology in Melbourne explains: “The natural succession of El Nino and La Nina occurs in a warmer world. This means that more water from the sea and the grounds evaporates; more moisture gets into the atmosphere and the weather pattern passes of more fiercely. Thus, droughts in the wake of El Nino will intensify, and so will as rainfalls and inundations following La Nina.” Researchers predict that starting in 2040, devastating rainfalls occurring every 15 years will become normal.

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