Esto se llama proteger el media ambiente.

La eficiencia energética sube, los costes bajan.

Germany leads worldwide in climate protection

09.12.2010 - Difesa dell'ambiente, Salud

In the Kyoto protocol, Germany had committed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 21 per cent before the end of 2012 - based on the amount of emissions in 1990. Until the end of 2009, the German Federal Republic had already saved more than 25 per cent of its greenhouse gases, as the environment report 2010 of the federal cabinet shows. Until 2020, the German federal government will have its carbon dioxide emission reduced by a total of 40 per cent. In contrast, the global emission of greenhouse gases has risen by about 24 per cent in comparison to 1990, the environment ministry informed.

Climate summit in Cancún
Since the Kyoto protocol expires in 2012, ambassadors from 194 states negotiate further steps for their fight against climate change in Cancún, Mexico. Still, the aim is a binding successor agreement. The ambassadors try to reach this by agreements for partial areas - e.g. in the financing of climate protection, cooperation in technology and forest protection. The German federal environment ministry identified the increasing traffic volume as the main challenge for the next years. It will meet this challenge by shifting the transport of freight to rails and waterways.

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