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Preliminary Conference for the World Climate Summit

25.08.2010 - Difesa dell'ambiente

Climate experts from all over the world participated in the five-day negotiations in Bonn in Juli to build a base for the climate summit in Cancún. A common resolution regarding how and to which extent greenhouse gases can be reduced in future and what a new climate treaty could look like, has not been achieved.

The participants perception of the results varied. Although U.N. Executive Secretary Christina Figueres has seen some progress, she called on the governments to be more willing to compromise at the end of the negotiation.

Dessima Williams, head of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) suspects that, due tovarious suggestions, amendments and additional specifications, the actual concepts had not been negotiated at all.

Martin Kaiser, political climate advisor at Greenpeace International regrets, that the volition for definite decisions had been missing. The negotiations in Bonn were a regression to the climate summit in Stockholm. He therefore sees little hope for definite results in Cancún.

Previous to the world climate summit in December, another week of negotiations is planned in Chinese Tianjing. After this, more than 180 states should agree on binding climate targets. If this fails, further options like the extension of the Kyoto protocol need to be considered.

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