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22.06.2010 - Difesa dell'ambiente

Algae and moss cover many roofs. Especially moist and warm weather stimulates their spreading. To reduce the cleaning effort, PLEXIGLAS RESIST® multi-skin sheets can now be furnished with a new nanotech-based AntiAlgaeApplication. Due to this special coating – which uses the sun’s UV radiation – algae, moss, pollen, and similar soiling agents do not adhere to the surface; some of them just dissolve. Rain washes away even the last remaining soil.
AntiAlgaeApplication is entirely non-toxic and bioneutral – unlike the chemical cleaning agents which are usually applied and pollute the environment.
The sheets are suitable for terrace roofs, car ports, canopies, porches, greenhouses, winter gardens, light-bands (flat/bowed) and facades etc. They have a 30-year warranty against yellowing.
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