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La eficiencia energética sube, los costes bajan.

Climate Protection can be less expensive than expected

22.06.2010 - Difesa dell'ambiente

EU-commissioner Connie Hedegards advocates reducing the CO2 emissions by 30 percent until 2020 instead of the former intended 20 percent. This would be less expensive than expected, because due to the decreasing production figures during the economic crisis and the lesser CO2 emissions it would only cost eleven billion Euros on top. Not that much, if one keeps in mind that the 20-percent-aim had been estimated at 70 billion Euros.

According to Hedegard, the ambitious climate protection aim of the European Union could also be a driving force for the modernization of the European economy and create new jobs. The climate commissioner beholds the USA and Asia as strong competitors within the green sector. The European industry is under less pressure to adapt, due to two facts: first, the economic crisis caused an emission decrease; second, higher energy costs slowed the demand down. As a result, fewer items have been produced and also less CO2 emitted.
Nevertheless, the EU only wants to aim at the 30-percent-mark, if other industry and developing countries offer comparable contributions to climate protection. If so, Europe committed itself to increase its recent target of 20 percent by 10 percent.

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