Esto se llama proteger el media ambiente.

La eficiencia energética sube, los costes bajan.


20.12.2011 -

Increased tropical forest growth could release CO2

While high carbon concentration in the atmosphere causes plants to grow faster, the supposition that thereby more CO2 would be bound has not been confirmed.


20.12.2011 - Difesa dell'ambiente

Climate change seriously affects the Arctic

This summer the marine ice on the North Pole has shrunk to a new record minimum.


19.08.2011 - Difesa dell'ambiente

Impacts of the sun on climate

Irregular sun activities and the electrically charged radiation caused by them have a heavier impact on the climate than previously supposed. This conclusion was drawn from a cloud experiment by Danish climate researchers.


12.08.2011 - Difesa dell'ambiente

Forests worldwide in danger

According to a survey by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), 230 million hectare of forest will disappear before the year 2050. The outcome would influence the climate, the diversity of species and the worldwide economic growth.


05.08.2011 - Energía

Germans accept higher electricity prices in case of a nuclear phase-out

A survey by the opinion research institute Forsa shows that 73 percent of the interviewed German citizens support a rapid progress of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Therefore, they would even accept temporarily higher electricity prices.



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