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High energy efficiency, lower costs

High energy efficiency, lower costs

Cooling in the summer, heating in the winter: Energy is a crucial cost factor for greenhouse operators. In Germany, for instance, they now spend one out of ten euros of turnover on heating their greenhouses. So the efficient use of energy not only helps to protect the climate, it may also help to save money. For example, a greenhouse operator with annual sales of EUR 400,000 might save EUR 8,000*. As energy costs rise, this proportion is set to grow. Similar calculations could be made for other countries.
*– Source: EnergieAgentur Nordrhein-Westfalen (Energy Agency North Rhine-Westphalia)

Better energy balance thanks to PLEXIGLAS®:

With a little foresight and the right choice of heat-insulating material, this development can be cushioned. PLEXIGLAS® makes a valuable contribution to the careful use of resources. Its excellent natural properties have provided innovative solutions in past years that make it a universal problem-solver. PLEXIGLAS® not only transmits more light than conventional glass, it also offers many functions for various applications with real climate-protection benefits. This is in line with the requirements of the UN climate report, which calls for the efficient use of energy so as to halve CO2 emissions by 2050. One contribution is the use of PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin sheets in greenhouses, which automatically provide an ideal energy balance. Through their good heat insulation (go to page with graph and U-value), the energy requirement is less than with conventional glazing. That cuts costs and CO2 emissions. At the same time, plants enjoy the high light transmission and the uniform, easily adjustable climate. They grow fast and offer good quality.

PLEXIGLAS® helps to optimize work processes in other areas too, due to their:

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