This is what climate protection looks like

High energy efficiency, lower costs

A partially glazed weather protection house heats the heat-insulated shell of the inner house, like a greenhouse. That reduces the energy requirement. more

"In our greenhouse made of PLEXIGLAS ALLTOP?, the begonias grow under the same conditions as outdoors," says market gardener Karl Zwermann. And he should know, because he was able to make a direct comparison after adding a PLEXIGLAS? greenhouse to his existing glass structure over 30 years ago. more

More and more greenhouses, especially in the Netherlands, are glazed with PLEXIGLAS? because its excellent heat insulation offers significant benefits. more

Len Busch Roses is the only large-scale rose grower in the USA outside of California, a position the company fully intends to keep. Since 1981, all the greenhouses at Len Busch Roses have been glazed with PLEXIGLAS?, now covering a total area of 15 acres or 500,000 square feet. The material offers significant savings as compared with glass. more

Otto Bulk relies on a real mixture of different energy sources as well as using PLEXIGLAS? and the wind turbine to combat rising energy prices. more

“Costs play a major role. We avoid costs by saving energy” Johnson says.  PLEXIGLAS? is a big help in that respect. At the Forest Lake site, all 475,000 square feet of greenhouse space have been glazed with energy efficient PLEXIGLAS?  Deglas High Impact Acrylic Double Skinned Sheet. more

Feenstra Flowers grows different varieties of lilies on a surface of 4,800 square meters beneath 16mm double-skin sheets. The demanding plants with fine-sounding names like Mero Star, Sorbonne, Siberia, Rialto and Yelloween need a constant temperature between 17 and 18 degrees Celsius. mehr 


The story about the queen of pot plants is just one of the articles in the current issue of the Greenhouse Journal: PROFITABLE GROWTH UNDER ACRYLIC. Download PDF 

Solar house, submersible, restaurant in a tree house – very unusual projects can be carried out with PLEXIGLAS?. The “Design in Acrylics” (DiA) magazine reports on these unique creations. more

How much energy can you save with PLEXIGLAS?? Why not find out? more