This is what climate protection looks like

High energy efficiency, lower costs

Climate Protection Calculator

It’s hard to hold on to heat. It quickly escapes outside if no adequate insulation is installed. And that pushes energy costs through the ceiling.

With PLEXIGLAS®, you save energy and money. You can work out exactly how much you save using the climate protection calculator. This shows you the savings potentials for heating requirement, CO2 emissions and energy costs.

Enter the size of your glazing, temperatures, heating period and source of energy, and see how much you can save. 

Please do not use any commas or periods in your entries.

Product brochure as PDF:
PLEXIGLAS ALLTOP® SDP and PLEXIGLAS RESIST® SDP NO DRO Maximum light transmission and cost-saving heat insulation for vigorous growth and excellent crop yield. Download PDF 

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