This is what climate protection looks like.

High energy efficiency, lower costs


The climate has a stronger influence on health than many people believe. Some types of weather can worsen or alleviate ailments. When there is a change in the weather, many people complain of heart and circulation problems. And when it is very stuffy, more people suffer from headache.

Most of this cannot be changed, but sunburn is a different matter. When the skin is irritated by the sun, this is due to an excess of UV rays, which the skin needs to be protected against. There are many ways of doing this: looking for a shady place, going under a non-transparent roof or staying at home. But people who want to soak up the sun without being defenceless against UV light have only a few alternatives.

One reliable type of protection is a PLEXIGLAS? roof, over children’s playgrounds and swimming pools, for instance. This absorbs ultraviolet radiation but is highly transparent. In addition, PLEXIGLAS? is UV-resistant and does not turn yellow even after prolonged exposure to the sun. Its 30-year guarantee is proof of the material’s high quality.

PLEXIGLAS? roofs protect us from an excess of UV radiation. Children are particularly at risk because their skin does not have a sufficient barrier against UV radiation. Occupational groups that work outdoors, such as construction workers and tradesmen, are often exposed for too long to UV radiation. more

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